East Union Mennonite Church

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East Union Mennonite Church
Location 10678 Old Lincoln Way East, Orrville, Ohio
Country United States
Denomination Biblical Mennonite Alliance
Website East Union Mennonite Church
Former name(s) East Union Conservative Amish Mennonite Church
Founded 1945
Status Active


Comprehensive History

East Union Mennonite Church located at 10678 Old Lincoln Way, Orrville was established in 1945. Members purchased the Old Carr School House in 1945 on Carr Road, Orrville and met there. The East Union Mennonite Church (formerly East Union Conservative Amish Mennonite Church), Orrville, Ohio, USA, was established in 1945 as a daughter congregation of the Pleasant View Amish Mennonite Church. It separately reported its membership to the Conservative Mennonite Conference in 1949. In about 2010 East Union withdrew from the Conservative Mennonite Conference, and became an independent Mennonite congregation before it joined the Biblical Mennonite Alliance in January 2015. In 2019 the lead pastor was Lynn Wenger and the associate pastor was Leonard Wenger. The membership in 2019 was 70.



Historical documents


Membership of East Union Mennonite Church

Year Membership
1950 86
1955 84
1960 89
1965 90
1970 75
1975 70
1980 95
1985 150
1990 178
1995 185
2005 172
2010 130
2019 70

Pastors of East Union Mennonite Church

Name Years
of Service
David L. Stutzman 1949-1952?
Paul W. Kandel (1921-1999) 1952-1990?
Mose J. Swartzendruber (1890-1966) 1955-1966
Leroy A. Schlabach (1933-1996)(Minister)
Delmar Falb 1982-2000s?
Paul Mullet 1995-2005?
Leonard Wenger 1999-present
Wayne Yutzy 2006-2010s
Mike Schlabach 2006-2010s
Lynn Wenger 2011-present



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