Dippo Family Bible

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Dippo Family Bible

Date of Bible


Dimensions of Bible

13 inches tall

11 inches Wide

4.5 inches Thick

Researcher Name and Date

Maggie Rose, Librarian

Wayne County Public Library

Researched compiled between November, 2016 and February, 2017.


Dippo Family Bible, Cover

Notes regarding the Dippo Family Bible, Cover

The front cover is made of thick, lightweight wood. The cover and spine cover are completely separated from the binding. Overall the Bible is in very poor condition.

Title Page

Dippo Family Bible, Title Page

Accompanying Paperwork Associated with Bible

None Present

Items Associated with Bible

Dippo Family Bible, Yellow Post-It

Notes regarding the Dippo Family Bible, Yellow Post-It

Notation possibly written as an indicator from where the Bible came from and from whom it was donated and when.

Transcription of Dippo Family Bible, Yellow Post-It

8 Ju1 2014

Robert Wells



Wooster, OH 44691

Marriage Records associated with Bible

Dippo Family Bible, Marriage Records


A marriage certificate and a marriage records page are included in the Dippo Family Bible.


Transcription of Dippo Family Bible, Marriage Certificate

This certifies that

Geo. H. Dippo


Anna E. James

were united by me, in

Holy Matrimony

at Erie Erie Co. Pa. on the Ninth day of

July in the year of our lord 1878

In Presence of Frank Wm. Dippo and Wife


By Rev. HH Brunning


In the eighth line the original page was printed with "188_." The last "8" was crossed out by hand and overwritten with the number "78."

Transcription of Dippo Family Bible, Marriage Records

Richard W. Fultan

Virginia G. Maddunc

Church of God- Akehenic Faith

May 15, 1950

Thomas D. Johnston

E. Roberta Sternes

Free Methodist Parsonage

North Chili N.Y

November 7, 1950

1st Marriage

Humphrey Ford Fulton}

Ruth Esther Dippo

2nd marriage

Dr. Thomas Daniel Johnsont, D.C.

Ruth Esther Dippo.


The unique method of spacing and grouping the names of married couples did not translate well to faithful transcription. It is recommended that researchers consult the original file.

Birth Records associated with Bible

Dippo Family Bible, Births Record


Note the different inks, pens and styles of handwriting which indicate a possible different author and date for the entries. Note also the similarities between the last two entries which could indicate that they were entered into the record at the same time by the same person.


Jan. 7” 1880 Geo. James at Erie Pa

June 25”- 1886 Mable Jenna “” 6. A.M.

Ruth Esther February 22- 1898 Chagrin Falls O. 5-30 AM.

Laurel Denise Fulton – March 16, 1951 11”15 AM

Mt. Siane Hospital

Richard Wallace Fulton – November 8, 1924 (Sat. 11:25 A.M.)

Thomas Daniel Johnston – May 23, 1930 (Sat About 2:30am)

Death Records associated with Bible

Dippo Family Bible, Deaths Record


Note the different inks, pens, and handwriting for the entries. Compare handwriting and ink colors to other records such as the Dippo Family Bible, Births Record.


Jennie P. Stafford Died at Mansfield A. Oct 13 -1905

Age 64 years 5 month and 21 days.

George H. Dippo at Cincinnatti A. Feb 19 -1916

Anne E. Dippo at Cleveland A. Feb 3-1922

Mable Jeannie died 8:15pm Jan 31 1941

Thomas Daniel Johnston 5:30am Nov 5, 1931

Handwritten Notations inside Bible

None Present

Other Items of Interest

Dippo Family Bible, Memoranda


Mabel Married Arthur Crittenden in Cleveland July 22/01

Geo. J. Married at Los Angeles to Francis Foanken april 23/06

Dippo Family Bible, Presentation Page


Presented To Anna E. Dippo By Geo. H. Dippo Sharon Pa 1885