Creston Church of God

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Creston Church of God
Country United States
Denomination Church of God
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  • 111 Sterling St., Creston, Ohio, Brooklyn and Sterling Streets, Creston, Ohio

Historical documents

Newspaper articles

  • "To Put Top on Basement Church"
  • "Church of God Dedication Services Set for Sunday"
  • 26 Dec 1970 "Community Help Project" [photograph] The Daily Record, p. 18.
  • "Creston Performs Ceremony When Daughter Becomes Bride"
  • "Evangelist, Rev. George W. Palmer" [photography]
  • "Evangelist, Rev. K. Y. Plank" [photograph]
  • 30 Jan 1939 - 5 Feb 1939 "Revival Meetings at the Church of God....Rev. E. I. Everhart" [photograph]
  • "Evangelist, Rev. Denzel Lovely" [photograph]
  • 5 Aug "Quartet sings at Creston" [photograph]
  • "Church of God Evangelists"