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The Wayne County Public Library is not permitted to purchase family histories. However, we do encourage researchers to donate their family histories to our department. They may be submitted in two different forms: loose leaf papers or bound family histories. Donated family histories and/or papers should be forwarded to the Genealogy Librarian. The name and mailing address of the donor should be obtained.

Loose Leaf Papers

These Family records are located in the lateral files. They are stored in archival envelopes and are organized by the most common surname included in the files. The information contained in the envelopes may have been submitted by researchers or may include detailed research completed by staff or members of the Wayne County Genealogical Society or the Wayne County Historical Society. Usually, there are not enough pages to be bound or the papers are not organized in such a way that would lend to having the papers bound.

We do not take the time to sort the information in each envelope. This would be a near impossible task. We leave it up to the researcher to sort through the papers and determine which papers belong to the same family.

Bound Family Histories

These items are more conclusive family histories. Most are in some organized fashion and include enough pages to warrant getting them bound. These are all submitted by researchers and are organized in alphabetical order by the most common surname included in the publication.

Other family histories are donated in three-ring binders. These are shelved with the bound family histories by the primary surname included in the binder.

Although bound family histories are bound, they are not necessarily indexed. Staff members do not have time to index these family histories. Consequently, researchers may need to allow additional time to browse through the family histories that are not indexed.


Many biographical sketches are found throughout the history books of Wayne County, Ohio. Also, the department has a series of biography notebooks which provide some biographical information on people of prominence in the county.

Family Reunions

Newspapers often printed detailed information about family reunions.


Notable Women in Wayne County, Ohio History