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  • Citizens National Bank, The
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  • 1905
  • Date unknown
Key Persons
    • 0000 S. Market St., Wooster, 44691, Ohio, United States
    • 155 S. Market St., Wooster, 44691, Ohio, United States


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Company directories


Vice-President & Director

Board of Directors

Unknown dates

  • Harold G. Arnold
  • J. Wayne Markley
  • George F. Grosjean, Owner, Wooster Livestock Auction, 1968
  • Walter J. Mougey
  • William R. Schultz



Unknown dates

  • Gaius E. Beam
  • Bernard Pfaff, Assistant Cashier
  • Charles W. Gilmore, Assistant Cashier
  • Paul L. Gilmore, Assistant Cashier


Unknown dates

  • Shirley Shallenberger|Shallengberger
  • Julia Mitchell
  • Lavonne Shriver
  • Barbara Pinckard
  • Mary Jean Gerig
  • Mary Jane Gerig
  • Mildred Hoxworth
  • Peggy Kinney
  • Joanne Vincent, Head Bookkeeper
  • Georgia Landes


  • Anne Bowman
  • Karen Jackson
  • Rebecca Purdy
  • Diane Murray
  • Sandra Bowman
  • Laura Gifford
  • Lana Mendenhall
  • Mary Snyder
  • Betty Emerling


Unknown dates

  • Mary Herpel


Unknown dates

  • Clyde C. Myers, Head Teller
  • Howard C. Arendt
  • Woodard Booth
  • Nancy Sigler
  • Thelda Vincent
  • Marilynn Jean Eschenberg, Note Teller
  • Darlene Sue Flinner, Note Teller
  • Louise Baker
  • Dona Hezlep
  • Ethel Mae Kaser
  • Bonnie Wachtel, Part-time Teller

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  • November 28, 1958: "Citizens Will Open Downtown Drive-In Bank on Saturday" by Unknown Author, The Daily Record, p. 12.


  • March 19, 1970: "Citizen Bank Hosts Stockholders on its 65th Birthday; Guests Tour New Quarters" by Unknown Author, The Daily Record, p. 34.

  • 1905 - Wooster High School annual [15]
  • Wooster Progress (1914)
    • 1914 - Bank

"In keeping with the prevailing spirit of progress The Citizen National Bank of Wooster was organized in 1905 with paid up capital stock of $100,000.00. Since its organization this bank has always enjoyed increasing business and patronage and is now known as one of the MILLION DOLLAR BANKS in the State of Ohio. Through careful and judicious management the surplus and undivided profits have reached the sum of $40,000 which represents an added security to its depositors.

The stockholders comprise the solid and substantial business men and farmers of Wayne County who stand united to protect the investing public and to advance the interests of their institution.

The Citizens National Bank erected and owns the beautiful building used as a banking house, the interior finish and decoration of which ranks with the banking rooms of the larger banking institutions of the State.

This Bank bears the proud distinction of being entrusted with money of the United States Government, the State of Ohio, Wayne County and the City of Wooster, being known as a Government, State, County and City Depository. A general banking business is conducted fully covering all the commercial requirements of its depositors and in the Bond Department a large line of safe and seasoned securities are carried which offer to the investor the highest rate of interest that can be obtained with satisfactory security.

At the time of the organization Mr. Walter D. Foss was elected President and Mr. E. W. Thompson Cashier, in which capacity Mr. Thompson served most capably until the time of his death. Mr. Foss continued in office until the phenomenal growth of The Wooster Brush Co. claimed his entire time when he relinquished the Presidency but continued his interests in the bank. He was followed as President by Mr. L. E. Yocum who served the bank well and honorably until the occurrence of his death when he was followed by Mr. Chas. M. Gray, whose business ability and acumen were a great aid t the unbilding of the institution. Mr. Gray, owing to the rapid expansion of the business of Gray & Smith retired as President but still continues as one of the Directors of the bank. The present officers are all men of ability and unquestioned financial standing and are as follows: --

Robert A. Biechele, President; J. S. McCoy, Vice President; Ed. S. Wertz, Vice President; William Harris, Cashier; C. P. Blough, Asst. Cashier.

Directors: --Emile Paumier, William C. Myers, Ashley W. Smyder, William Harris, Chas. N. Gray, Ed. S. Wertz, J. S. McCoy, Robert A. Biechele. [16]

  • 10 Jan 1967/8? - "Citizens Bank Officials Step Down After 75 Years of Business Life" The Daily Record
  • 29 Mar 1968 - "Your Money and You" The Daily Record, p. 6-7.


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