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This is a list of companies in the arts, entertainment and recreation industries in Wayne County, Ohio. Recreation industry shares 1.2% or 631 employees according to the 2015 Data USA: for Wayne County. Included below is a collection of statistics applicable to this industry. Also, a section that is building, but not yet fully complete is a listing of all current and historical agricultural businesses. We encourage you to adopt a page.

Sector 71. Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation

Data[edit | edit source]

Wayne County, Ohio Data[edit | edit source]

DATA USA for Wayne County[edit | edit source]

  • Wayne County, Ohio USA Data Provides various data on Wayne County, Ohio. Some of the stats include: population, median household income, median age, economy, demographics, education, housing & living, and health & safety. You can also run a comparison search for another city.

Ohio Data[edit | edit source]

FRED Economic Data - Economic Research Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis[edit | edit source]

United States Data[edit | edit source]

Industry Statistics Portal - Business Data from the U.S. Census Bureau[edit | edit source]

Career Information[edit | edit source]

O*Net OnLine[edit | edit source]

  • O*Net OnLine Job Forcast This site breaks down each occupation within the industry and projects growth. O*Net also offers other valuable tools to the job searcher.

Data USA[edit | edit source]

  • Data USA This site provides statistics in the Arts, Entertainment & Recreation industry showing: the estimate number of employees, average salary, average age along with links to workforce, input/output and projections.


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