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Canton Hughes Pump Company, The
Type Pumps
Industry Manufacturing
Fate Dissolved
Headquarters Wooster, Ohio, United States
Number of locations 1
Services Complete line of Steam Pumping Machinery consisting of Air Compressors, Automatic Feed Pumps and Receivers, Duplex Boiler Feed Pumps, Single and Compound Duplex Pumps, Hydraulic Pumps, Water Works Pumps and various other styles of Pumps.

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Wooster Gets Big Factory: Pump Factory Employing Two Hundred Men Will Come From Canton[edit | edit source]

  • Wooster Gets Big Factory: Pump Factory Employing Two Hundred Men Will Come From Canton [1]

The Wooster Board of Trade on Thursday night closed a deal that will bring to Wooster the Canton Hughes Pump Co., incorporated at $_________, a concern which will employ 200 men. By the first of next January, or at least not later than the first of April, the company will have their buildings erected here and a force of 75 men at work. The contract says that the number of employees shall be gradually increased during next year, and that the full force of 200 men shall be at work on or before January 1, 1912.

This deal, which as many people in Wooster know, has been under way for a long time. The Board of Trade has been dickering with this company for almost two years, but about a month ago it was rumored that the deal had been closed. For a time it seemed a matter of only a few hours until everything would be done, but the final settlement was not made, and a little later on, the deal seemed on the point of falling through altogether.

A committee consisting of Albert Dix, George Gerstenslager, W. R. Barnhart, Ed. S. Wertz, Judge Frank Taggart and W. F. Kean was appointed to confer with the representative of the company. Mr. Whiting. The conference was set for Thursday afternoon, and when the meeting adjourned at 4 o'clock, a meeting of the directors of the Board of Trade was called for Thursday evening when the matter was finally adjusted.

The Board of Trade agrees to pay the company a bonus of $30,000 to bring the factory to Wooster. A very small portion, if any, of this money is to be raised by soliciting among the merchants. The Board of Trade invested the $17,500, minus the costs, obtained from the Glass Works after a long contest in the courts, in real estate, and this land will be allotted, the lots sold, and the proceeds applied to the fund to bring the factory here.

The building is to be located on the five acre triangular tract of land lying north of the Pennsylvania railroad tracks, west of Palmer street and south of Nold avenue. The Board has also agreed to build a switch from the main Pennsy tracks up through the ravine to the factory site. The main building is to be 100x250 feet and will cost the company $40,000. In addition to this $30,000 will be spent to erect cranes. The machinery which the company will bring to Wooster will be worth $60,000.

The Canton Hughes Pump Co., is one of the solid manufacturing plants of Canton, and it means a lot to Wooster to bring this institution here. They manufacture steam pumps, small ones worth $50 each, and from this on up to masterpieces of workmanship worth $30,000. The company is just now finishing a contract for a $20,000 pump for a large water works department of a large city.

Work on erecting the factory will start just as soon as the plans can be put in shape, and the building is expected to be completed by the first of the year. Within sixty days after the completion of the building 75 men will be put to work, and this number will gradually grow to the 200 required in the contract. The company agrees to employ this number of men for a period of ten years.

Pump Business Goes to Lima[edit | edit source]

  • Pump Business Goes to Lima. [2]

The pump manufacturing and repair department of the Woodard Machine company, being that part of the business that was acquired from the Canton-Hughes Pump company, has been purchased by the Chalmers Pump & Manufacturing company of Lima.

The company obtained the patents, drawings and records of the old pump company, no equipment going with it, and will succeed to the trade that was kept alive by the Woodard company since it took over the pump plant and business, consisting of much repair work. The Woodard company did not care to operate a pump manufacturing and repair business with its other large machine trade. The Chalmers company, which is a New York corporation, has been much interested in the pump branch of the plant here ever since Receiver W. H. Hughes disposed of the property here to the Woodard company. Transfer of the business to Lima takes no men from here.

Maynard S. Dawson, of the Woodard company, returned Wednesday night from Lima, where he assisted the new owners in organizing the business, but he will remain here. The Woodard company will fill all orders now on hand, but will not take on any other business.

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Historical documents[edit | edit source]

  • Wooster Progress (1914)
    • 1914 - Manufacturing

"The Canton-Hughes Pump Company had been in business for a number of years at Canton, Ohio, and moved to Wooster in October, 1911. They have erected a strictly modern and fire-proof factory which is equipped with the highest grade of machinery for building their product, and they are doing a very nice business.

This Company builds a full and complete line of Steam Pumping Machinery consisting of Air Compressors, Automatic Feed Pumps and Receivers, Duplex Boiler Feed Pumps, Single and Compound Duplex Pumps, Hydraulic Pumps, Water Works Pumps and various other styles of Pumps.

They have a very good reputation as pump builders, and their product is shipped to every state in the Union as well as to almost every foreign country. They but recently shipped a number of pumps to Australia. Recent installation of Water Works Pumps have been made at Marine City, Birmingham and Dowagiac, Mich., Findlay and Painesville, Ohio, Union City, Ind. and Marshall, Ill.

Every pump built and sold by them, or any of their agents, is fully guaranteed, and they solicit your trade.

If interested in their line, drop them a postal and catalogue will be promptly forwarded. [3]

Timeline[edit | edit source]

  • 1911 - October, Moved to Wooster, Ohio.

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References[edit | edit source]

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