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Business Research Guides

When beginning any business research it is often help to consult a pathfinder offering you various sources to begin your study. It is with that in mind the following guides were generated.

Businesses in Ohio, focusing on Wayne County, Ohio

Business history

Business records are one of the least used resources for genealogists. Information about business may be found in many ways. Histories of businesses may be found through newspapers, directories, local histories, biographical collections, and old photographs. In addition, business directories, local vending licenses, estate settlements, annual reports, business history publications, account books and journals, Common Pleas court records, and maps may include useful information pertaining to businesses. Other genealogical resources such as census records and agricultural and manufacturing schedules, obituaries, and family histories, should not be ignored. For more information on Wayne County history click on [Business history].

Industry Information

Researching information on industry data will require the research to be diligent.

  1. Begin by defining the industry.
  2. Ask yourself who else cares and thinks about this industry on a regular basis.
  3. Search databases: Business Source Premier (Industry Report)
  4. Look up SIC, NAICS Codes
  5. Gather information
  6. Industry reports
    1. Harvard Business School Baker Library Industry Overview Index
    2. Economic Census
    3. Survey of Manufacturers and Annual Retail Trade Survey
    4. Library of congress BRS Assists Industry Surveys
    5. Value Line Investment Survey - print

Company finance

  • Companies generate a number of reports, statements, filings, and other documents that provide financial information. Consult the following for more information:
  1. Balance sheet
  2. Income statement
  3. Annual report
  4. 10K SEC statement
  5. Proxy statement - 14A
    1. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

Investment information

  • Investor education sites
  1. Investor's Clearinghouse
  2. Path to Investing
  4. Motley Fool's Fool School
  5. Money chimp
  6. CNN Money
  • Investment Research
  1. Barron's
  2. Bloomberg Businessweek
  3. Kiplinger's
  4. New York Times
  5. Wall Street Journal
  • Stock Information
  1. Morningstar
  2. Value Line
  3. Big Charts
  4. Pink Sheets
  • Stock & commodity Exchange Information
  1. Stock and Commodity Exchange Research Guide
  2. IPO Public Offering Information
    1. Yahoo IPOs
    2. Hoovers Online IPO Central
  • Bond Information
  1. Bonds Online
  2. Treasury Direct
  3. Yahoo! Bonds Centers
  4. CNN Money Bonds and Interests Rates
  • Mutual Fund Information
  1. Morninstar Investment Research
  2. Yahoo! Mutual Fund Center
  3. Mutual Fund Observer
  • Commodities and Future Information
  1. U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission
  • Historical Stocks and Bonds
  1. Historical newspapers
  2. Daily Stock Price Record
  3. Annual Reports at Academic Business Libraries
  4. Columbus Historical Corporate Reports Online Collection
  • Socially Responsible Investing
  1. Wharton Library's Socially Responsible Investing Guide
  2. University of Pittsburg Corporate Social Responsibility Guide

Consumer information and Marketing & Advertising

  • Consumer Research
  1. American FactFinder
  2. Reference USA - Consumer/Lifestyle
  3. National Retail Federation
  4. American Customer Satisfaction Index
  • Marketing and Advertising
  1. - free online
  2. Springwise - free online

General Business and Other Statistics

  1. Government information by Type of Business Need
  4. Statistical Abstract of the United States
  5. U.S. Census Bureau
  6. Economic Census
  7. County Business Patterns
  8. World Almanac and Book of Facts

International Business

  1. NationMaster
  2. Brass's "Best of the Best" business Websites - International Business
  3. World Bank Data, including World Development Indicators
  4. UnDATA
  5. Business without Boarders
  6. Populations Reference Bureau
  7. U.S. International Trade Commission for Import Data
  8. World Bank-Library
  • County Guides
  1. CIA World Factbook
  2. CultureGrams
  3. Harvard Business School Banker Library Country and International Guide
  4. State Department's Country Background Notes
  5.'s Country and Industry Market Reports (requires registration)

Small Business

  1. Small Business Administration
  2. SCORE of Akron
  3. New York Public Library Small Business Resource Center
  4. Business Plans and Profiles Index
  5.[ Harvard Business School's Baker Library: Subject Guides: Venture Capital an Private Equity] (free)

Research Helps and Tips

  1. Brass: Business Reference and Services Section of ALA's RUSA Division
  2. Harvard Business School's Baker Library
  3. Library of Congress: Business Reference Service
  4. Business Blog from Ohio University

Further reading

  • Ross, Celia. Making sense of business reference. Chicago: American Library Association, 2013. BUSINESS 025.5 ROSS