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This is a collection of Wayne County, Ohio businesses within the Wayne County, Ohio Online Resource Center; whereas, our desire to be an exhaustive listing of all businesses the collection is not yet complete. We welcome area businesses to adopt a page. Also, we encourage anyone that may have photographs and any information regarding businesses in Wayne County that you own and would be willing to share to contact the Wayne County Public Library. Adult Services Department.

Find a business[edit | edit source]

Search a particular industry[edit | edit source]

  • Under Portals, go to Business
  • On the menu bar click on Industry
  • A list of industries will be display, click on desired industry
  • Under T: Click, Type of subcategories in the |name of industry|
  • Under B: Click, Businesses in the |name of industry| for a listing of all businesses

Searching for Active businesses[edit | edit source]

Searching for Defunct businesses[edit | edit source]