Bauer Manufacturing Company

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  • Bauer Manufacturing Company
  • Fabricated Metal Product
  • Ladders
  • 1916
Key Persons
    • 2540 Progress Rd., Wooster, 44691, Ohio

The Bauer Manufacturing Company was established in 1916 when Thomas E. Steiner found out about a new type of patented ladder being made in Cleveland, Ohio that had become extremely popular with painters and contractors installing house siding. He gathered a group of people to help invest in and form a new company to manufacture this ladder and named the company after the inventor of this type of ladder and The Bauer Manufacturing Company was born.

The first business and manufacturing facility was located in Marshallville, Ohio. The whole company was moved to Wooster, Ohio in 1920 after the Wooster Board of Trade contacted Steiner about the availability of the old Fortune Tool Company building on E. Bowman St. next to the Gerstenslager Company, The. At the new facility in Wooster J. E. Weiser became the manager. J. K. Halderman and Harold G. Arnold joined the company in the mid-1930s. As both the Gerstenslager and Bauer ladder companies grew it soon became necessary for each to obtain additional manufacturing space. The Gerstenslager Company purchased the Bauer Manufacturing Company plant on E. Bowman St. and the ladder company moved to a new building on Palmer St. Eventually the Bauer Manufacturing Company would move back to a facility along E. Bowman St. next to Silver Bros. builders supply company.

Quick Facts

  • 1916 - Established in Marshallville, Ohio
  • - Office located on 152 1/2 E. Liberty St.
  • 1920 - Moved the company to Wooster, Ohio into the former Fortune Tool Company building on E. Bowman St.


  • Our Quality is Always Higher than Our Price


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