Baltzly's Palace of Art

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Baltzly's Palace of Art
Former type Professional / Scientific / and Technical Services; Miscellaneous Store Retailers
Industry Professional and Technical; Recreation
Fate Dissolved
Founded Wooster, Ohio About (1862 (1862))
Founder(s) Benjamin Franklin Baltzly
Defunct About 1865 (1865)
Headquarters Wooster, Ohio, United States
Number of locations 1
Key people Benjamin Franklin Baltzly

Benjamin Franklin Baltzly was born in Sugarcreek, Tuscarwas County, Ohio in 1835. Baltzly opened a photographic studio, Baltzly's Palace of Art, in downtown Wooster, Ohio around 1862 which he ran until he volunteered for service in the Ohio National Guard and left the business under the care of his brother, Reverend J. B. Baltzly. After the Civil War he moved to Montreal, Canada about 1866-67 and opened another photographic studio. However, his Montreal studio burned down in 1868, and Baltzly went to work for William Notman's Studio where he remained until 1877.

It’s during his time working for Notman that Baltzly became best known for his work as part of the Canadian Geological Survey team in which surveyors were sent to chart the British Columbia interior to find a suitable path for the Pacific Railway across Canada. William Notman arranged for Benjamin Baltzly, an employee of his Montreal studio, to join the Canadian Geological expedition in 1871 and capture exotic images of the land with the hope of later turning a nice profit from their sale. Baltzly not only took photographs, he also kept a detailed journal that was later published in a book. He returned to America in the late 1870s and from 1879 to 1882 he worked for Pack Bros. in Cambridge, Massachusetts. There, in December 1882, he purchased a studio that he ran until his death on July 10, 1883.

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  • 1862 - approximate date business began in Wooster
  • 1865 - approximate date business ended in Wooster


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