August Imgard

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August Imgard
August Imgard photo.jpg
Born (1828-01-08)January 8, 1828
Wetzlar, Germany
Died October 7, 1904(1904-10-07) (aged 76)
Wooster, Wayne County, Ohio
Resting place
Wooster Cemetery
Nationality German emigrant
Occupation Tailor
Known for Introducing the Christmas Tree to the town of Wooster
Spouse(s) Genet/Jeanette (Nold) Imgard (1830 - 1916)

Biographical Sketches

Many traditions we celebrate today have been the result of our immigrant ancestors. Such is the case with August Imgard, a German immigrant who introduced the first Christmas tree in Wooster, Ohio.

August Imgard was born in Wetzlar, Prussia on 8 January 1828. He departed from the port of Le Havre, France on the ship Zurich. He arrived in the port of New York, New York on 15 September 1848, at the age of 20 years. Upon arriving in the United States, he traveled to Wooster, Wayne County, Ohio where he settled and remained until his death on 7 October 1904.

Augustus Imgard married Genett Nolt on 28 August 1849 in Wayne County, Ohio [1]. Their first child, Catherine Elizabeth Imgard, was born in 28 June 1850. Other children born to this union were Harry Augustus Imgard, born 7 April 1859; Gertrude Juanita Imgard, born 28 July 1866; and Jenet Augusta Imgard, born 27 March 1870. These children with their birth dates were listed in the August Imgard Family Bible.

August Imgard built a house now located at 527 Beall Ave in Wooster, OH sometime between 1867 and 1873. This house was originally located on the southeast corner of Beall Ave and Bowman Ave and was moved in 1913 to its current location [2]. It is now the parsonage of St. Mary’s Catholic Church. In his obituary found in the Dalton Gazette on 13 October 1904 on page 4, Imgard’s home was described as “one of the most elegant homes in Wooster”. The obituary continued to state, Imgard “took great pride in his home and the beautiful grounds of his homestead”.

Imgard was a tailor by trade. On his arrival in Wooster, he set up a small tailoring business in Wooster. The tailor shop was located on Wooster’s Public Square, the main business hub of Wooster during the 19th and early to mid-20th centuries. Imgard was considered a “very industrious man and very successful in his business” [3].

The story is told that as Christmas neared, Imgard became homesick. He decided to bring one of his homeland traditions to his new home. He crossed the Little Apple Creek and cut down a small blue spruce tree. As he carried the tree across the creek and to his new home, many of the locals gazed at the unusual spectacle, perplexed by what they saw. Imgard had a local tin smith make him a star for the top of the tree. Imgard decorated the tree with candies, paper ornaments, apples, candles, nuts and popcorn for family and friends to enjoy [4]. The tradition caught on and spread through the area. To honor this tradition, a blue spruce tree can be found next to his final resting place at the Wooster Cemetery.


Historical documents

August Imgard Family Bible

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  • Surname listed as Limgard on the Ship Passenger List.

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Newspaper articles

* 1888: "Local News", Wayne County Democrat, p. 3.

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  • Husband: August Imgard
  • Wife: Genett Nolt
  • Children:
    • Catherine Elizabeth (Imgard) Hart
    • Harry Augustus Imgard
    • Gertrude W. (Imgard) McQuigg
    • Jeannette A. (Imgard) Hubble

Vital Records

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  • 8 January 1828 in Wetzlar, Prussia (Germany)


  • 28 August 1849 in Wooster, Wayne County, Ohio [12]


  • 7 October 1904 in Wooster, Wayne County, Ohio


  • 10 October 1904 in Wooster Cemetery, Section 1

Census Records

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  • 1850 U. S. Census for Town of Wooster, Wayne County, Ohio (enumerated 13 August 1850)
    • Augustus Imgard, 22, Germany, Taylor, real estate $700
    • Janett Imgard, 19, Germany
    • Catherine Imgard, 0/12, Ohio
  • 1860 U.S. Census for East Half of Wooster, Wayne County, Ohio (enumerated 6 Jun 1860)
    • Aug. Imgard, 32, Presia, Tailor, real estate $3,000 and personal estate $2,000
    • Jennet Imgard, 39, Prussia
    • Kate Imgard, 9, Ohio, Attended School within the year
    • Henry Imgard, 1, Ohio
  • 1870 U.S. Census for Wooster City Second Ward, Wayne County, Ohio (enumerated 13 May 1870)
    • Augustus Lingard (Imgard), 43, Germany Prussia, Retired Clothier, real estate $20,500 and personal estate $3,000
    • Janette Lingard (Imgard), 40, Germany Prussia, Kepeing house
    • Catherine Lingard (Imgard), 20, Ohio, at home
    • Harry Lingard (Imgard), 12, Ohio, at home
    • Gerturde Lingard (Imgard), 4, Ohio, at home
    • Janette Lingard (Imgard), 6/12, Ohio, at home (born December 1869)
  • 1880 U.S.Census for Wooster, Wayne County, Ohio (enumerated 11 Jun 1880)
    • August Imgard, 51, Prussia, Tailor
    • Jenette Imgard, wife, 49, Prussia, Housekeeper
    • Gertrude Imgard, Daughter, 13, Ohio, at school
    • Jenette Imgard, Daughter, 10, Ohio, at school
  • 1900 U.S. Censue for Wooster Ward 2, Eastern Precinct, Wayne County, Ohio (enumerated 8 Jun 1900)
    • August Imgard, January 1828, 72, married for 50 years, immigrated 1848, been in U.S. for 52 years, naturalized, Tailor
    • Jeanet Imgard, wife, September 1830, married for 50 years, immigrated 1836, been in U.S. for 63 years

Places of Residence


  • present day: 527 Beall Ave. Wooster, Ohio
  • Wooster, Ward 2, Wayne County, Ohio


  • Departed from the port of Le Havre, France on the Ship Zurich
  • Arrived in New York, New York on 15 September 1848
  • Application for Naturalization in Wayne County, Ohio in June 1851 (Common Pleas Court Journal vol. 16 page 545) [13]
  • Naturalization in Wayne County, Ohio in September 1853 (Common Pleas Court Journal vol. 18 pages 307-308) [14]

Court Records

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  • Wayne County, Ohio Probate Court file #12098

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  • Lot on Southeast corner of Beall Ave and Bowman St.

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  • Funeral services were conducted by Rev. W. A. Littell of the United Presbyterian church.


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  • None


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  • First individual to introduce the Christmas Tree to Wooster, Ohio
  • First individual to trim a Christmas Tree in Wooster, Ohio


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