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  • Albright Brothers
Professional and Technical
  • Professional / Scientific / and Technical Services
  • Photographer
  • 1872
  • August1875
Key Persons
  • SE Corner of Public Square
    • Wooster, 44691, Ohio

One of the Albright brothers had previously been in the photographic business with a Mr. Haynes in Wooster, Ohio but by June of 1872 through August of 1875 the business began operating as the Albright Bros. Previously historians thought the Albright referenced was Madison L. Albright, but it is now speculated that the Albright's were the sons of Jacob Albright as the Wayne County Public Library has a photocopy of photographers backstamp showing N. & A. Albright that might refer to the brothers of Noah Albright and Andrew Albright, sons of Jacob Albright and Elizabeth (Morr) Albright. In 1830, Jacob Albright bought a lot in Wooster, the tax upon which then amounted to 80 cents. The property afterwards enhanced in value and the taxes afterwards ranged as high as $300. Shortly before Mr. Albright's death, on June 9, 1884, a disposition of the property was made. The farm of 212 acres was divided into three equal parts. His son Andrew received the south third, Noah the north third, and his daughter Elizabeth, the middle third upon which the dwelling stood. Ohio received the town property, and Mary's inheritance was paid in cash.

In August of 1875 the brothers sold their photography business to Charles Gasche.

Quick Facts

  • 1872 - Established
  • 1873 - Photographic Rooms South east corner of Public Square. We copy and enlarge old Pictures to any size and finish plain, retouched in Indian Ink , Oil or Water Colors retouched, Photographers. The celebrated Berlin Heads from Negative, Rembrandt, Commonn Photographs, & etc. and in fact, everything known to Photographers. Persons wishing tto have Pictures of Children taken, should call on us at once as we have acquired great success in that line. A large assortment of Frames and Albums. [1]
  • 1875 - August, the brothers sold their photography business to Charles Gasche
  1. 1873 Caldwell's Atlas of Wayne Co. and of the City of Wooster, Ohio "Special Advertising Business Directory of the City of Wooster, Ohio" pg. 14