537 N. Bever St., Wooster, Ohio

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The large brick house at 537 N. Bever St. was built by Benedict Tiefenthaler sometime between 1869-1872. Photograph by S. Zimmerman

The large brick house at 537 N. Bever St. was built by property owner Benedict Tiefenthaler sometime between 1869-1872. This time frame is derived from the fact that he bought the land in 1868 and likely would have been working all day at the College of Wooster during the year of 1868 as Benedict Tiefenthaler was a brick and stone mason by trade and he along with his brothers, James and Joseph Tiefenthaler, were given a contract in 1868 to help lay some of the 5,000 bricks on the central shaft of The College of Wooster's first structure built, Old Main. In addition, the house appears on the 1873 Caldwell's Atlas of Wayne County, Ohio, so the house most likely had to have been built sometime between 1869 and 1872 and it stands to this day as a testament to the bricklaying skills of the Tiefenthaler family. It was reported that Benedict Tiefenthaler constructed many other houses in Wooster as a contractor.

Benedict Tiefenthaler was born in Geisinger, Austria (Germany) and emigrated to the United States. He married Catherine Ingert and they had two children: a son, Dr. Benjamin S. Tiefenthaler, and a daughter, Mrs. Elizabeth C. Harrop.

For a number of years the Tiefenthaler's operated a rooming house for College of Wooster students in the house at 537 N. Bever St. and for years afterwards College alumni would stop by the house to see the old place they lived in while going to school at the College.

The two-story brick house has an Italianate style of architecture. A wide overhanging cornice with ornate paired brackets lines the top of the home. A small side entrance porch with brackets and slender columns is located on the front southwest corner of the house.-- Information provided by: Historic Founders' Row Association

Benedict Tiefenthaler died in the house a few minutes after 7AM on May 6, 1904.

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Wayne County Recorder Property Transfers

  • 1816: William Henry, Joseph H. Larwill, Abigail Larwill To John Bever Vol. 1 p.100 $1
  • 1837: Last will and testament of John Bever deceased gave to daughter Mirtilla (Bever) Bowman married to James L. Bowman land containing 68 acres.
  • 1857:
  • 1863: J.B. McKennan Jr. To Constant Lake Vol. 58 p.140 Old Lot No. 164 $386.85
  • 1868: Constant Lake sub-divided Old Lot No. 164 into 8 parcels.
  • 1868: Constant Lake To Benedict Tiefenthaler Vol. 72 p.584 Lot No. (after sub-division) Lot No. 1004 $734
  • 1896: Benjamin S. Tiefenthaler to Catherine Tiefenthaler Vol. 130 p.510 Lot No. 1004 $4,286.25
  • 1925: Catherine Tiefenthaler, deceased To Elizabeth C. Harrop Vol. 202 p.192 Lot No. 1004 Probate Court Certificate
  • 1940: Elizabeth C. Harrop, deceased To Katherine M. Harrop, etal Vol. 243 p.135 Lot No. 1004 Affidavit for Transfer
  • 1945: Katherine M. Harrop To John S. Levers, Ralph E. Landes Vol. 259 p.219 Lot No. 1004 $5,000 according to $5.50 revenue stamp on deed
    • Ralph E. Landes, John S. Lever To Gail C. Snyder, Eola H. Snyder Vol. 260 p. 336 Lot No. 1004 $6,500 according to $7.15 revenue stamp on deed
  • 1994: Donald L. Miller To Diane S. Miller $0 Quit-Claim
  • 2003: Diane S. Miller To Richard Moldovan $80,000
  • 2006: Richard Moldavan to Valetine Ansley $97,000

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