408 N. Bever St., Wooster, Ohio

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The house located at 408 N. Bever St. was built in 1862 by property owner David Q. Liggett. Photograph by S. Zimmerman

The large sprawling wood frame house located at 408 N. Bever St. is registered on the National Register of Historic Places: reference number 94000770. The house was likely built in 1862 by property owner, David Q. Liggett, a prominent downtown Wooster businessman. Local tax records show the property value for Liggett's lot of land drastically increased between the years 1861 and 1863 indicating a house was most likely constructed on the property in 1862. Furthermore, an 1868 local newspaper article states that D.Q. Liggett spent an additional $1,500 sometime between 1865-1868 improving his house which shows it was already standing by 1865.

The house has been through many alternations since being built in 1862 and is described in Ohio Historic Inventory records as an eclectic mix of late Victorian stylistic elements or a combination of Victorian and Italiante architectural styling. David Q. Liggett lived in the house until his death in 1886.

The distinctive turret was rebuilt on the house in 1996. Photograph by S. Zimmerman

In 1918, Herman Freedlander, owner of the Freedlander Department store in downtown Wooster and his wife, purchased the property. It was during the Freedlanders' ownership that the distinctive turret was removed from the house. Apparently, the Freedlanders built a bathroom on the second floor over the entrance way with a door to it from their bedroom. The new bathroom inadvertently blocked-off access to the turret and for maintenance reasons they decided to remove the turret.

Plaque at 408 N. Bever St. in Wooster, Ohio. Photograph by S. Zimmerman

Present day property owner, William Older II and his wife Patti Page purchased the property in 1987. Prior to their ownership the home had been sectioned out into three apartments and was in dire need of many repairs. After twelve years of restoration dedication, the couple lovingly restored the home to a single family residence. Furthermore, after seeing an old picture of the house with the turret still intact, they decided to have a turret rebuilt onto the house and in late November of 1996, a turret was put in place on the house again. The Olders' have named their home, Victoriana, which means material or a collection of materials from or relating to the Victorian era (1837-1901).

Newspaper articles


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  • 1837: Last will and testament of John Bever deceased gave to daughter Mirtilla (Bever) Bowman married to James L. Bowman land containing 68 acres of the SE QRT R13-T15-S4.
  • 1857:
  • 1858: J. B. McKennan (mis-spelled McKinney) To Jacob Metz Vol. 48 p.352 Old Lot No.s 158, 165, 166, 167 $2,200 and 3 20/100
  • 1861: Jacob Metz To David Q. Liggett Vol. 52 p.443 Old Lot No. 167
  • 1897: Elizabeth W. Liggett, Robert W. Liggett To Albert Shupe Vol. 132 p.169 Probate
  • 1918: Albert Shupe To Herman Freedlander Vol. 179 p.592 part of Lot No. 1622
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    • Mark B. Luccitti, Benjamin A. Lucitti To William D. Older II $72,000
  • 1996: William D. Older II To Patti S. Page $0 Quit-Claim
    • Patti S. Page To William D. Older II Trustee $0 Quit-Claim