407 N. Bever St., Wooster, Ohio

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The wood frame house at 407 N. Bever St. Photograph by S. Zimmerman

The wood frame house located at 407 N. Bever St., on the northeast corner of N. Bever St. and Nold Ave., was likely built between 1909-1910 by either Edward D. Fisher or Earl W. Mann and his wife, Hazel F. Mann, as a house is shown at this location on the 1911 Sanborn Fire Insurance maps. The Mann's owned the property for seven years before selling it Wilson P. Snyder in 1917. For nearly 15 years W.P. Snyder was in the horse sales business and was joined in partnership by his son, Miles H. Snyder, and the two conducted their horse business from their large sale barn, which later was converted into the Hudson-Essex automobile sales garage. For over 20 years Wilson P. Snyder had also been director of the Wayne County National Bank and was elected to the presidency of this bank following the death of the previous bank president Dr. George W. Ryall.

W.P. Snyder was married twice. His first wife being Anna Brown with whom he had three children: Miles H. Snyder, Dr. Fred B. Snyder, Mrs. Harriett Houghton. His first wife, Anna (Brown) Snyder, died in 1914 and in 1921 Mr. Snyder married Mary O. Kauffman and the two lived happily together in their house at 407 N. Bever St. until he died in the house at 8:30PM on February 21, 1927 of an apparent heart attack. The home was known as being a hospitable one, where relatives and friends found pleasure in gathering. Mr. Snyder maintained a reputation for honesty and fair dealing. He was always a friend on whom one could rely, a "square shooter" in business, and a courteous gentleman whom one loved to meet.

Newspaper Clippings


Wayne County Recorder Property Transfers

  • 1816: 1816: William Henry, Joseph H. Larwill, Abigail Larwill To John Bever Vol. 1 p.100 $1
  • 1837: Last will and testament of John Bever deceased gave to daughter Mirtilla (Bever) Bowman married to James L. Bowman land containing 68 acres.
  • 1857:
  • 1862: Jacob B. McKennan To Ephriam Quinby Jr. Vol. 54 p.327 Old Lot No.s 150, 151, 152, 155, 156, 159, 171

Note: In the 1870 Renumbering old lot number 171 was renumbered to 1360 and contained approximately 1.83 acres.

  • 1909: Edward M. Quinby To Elmer S. Landes Vol. 159 p.525 Lot 1360 (1.83 acres) $5,000

Note: On April 19, 1909 it is recorded that E.S. Landes sub-divided Lot 1360 into 7 parcels and they were given the following lot numbers: 1360, 2141, 2142, 2143, 2144, 2145, 2146.

Lot No. 1360 Subdivided
2143 2145 2146
  • 1909: Elmer S. Landes To Edward D. Fisher Vol. 161 p.338 Lot 2144 $1,100
  • 1910: Edward D. Fisher To Hazel F. Mann, Earl W. Mann Vol. 162 p.436 Lot 2144
  • 1917: Hazel F. Mann, Earl W. Mann To W.P. Snyder Vol. 179 p.180 Lot 2144
  • 1928: Miles H. Snyder, executor To Louis T. Snavely Vol. 209 p.279 Lot 2144 $6,750
    • Miles H. Snyder, wife Elizabeth Snyder, Dr. Frederick B. Snyder, wife Jane Snyder, Mary O. Snyder, widow of W.P. Snyder To Louis T. Snavely Vol. 209 p.281 Lot 2144 Quit-Claim $0
  • 1960: Louis T. Snavely, deceased To Florence Van Nest Snavely Vol. 367 p.300 Lot 2144 Certificate of Transfer $0
  • 1961: Florence Van Nest Snavely, deceased To Trustees Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church Vol. 377 p.49 Transfer specified in her will $0
  • 1967: Trustees Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church To Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, a Corporation Vol. 430 p.348 Lot 2144 Transfer $0
  • 1971: Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, a Corporation To John R. Sanderson, Reba M. Sanderson Vol. 464 p.268 Lot 2144 $16.50 conveyance fee
  • 1988: By Wayne County Sheriff, John R. Sanderson, Reba M. Sanderson To FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN ASSOC. Vol. 637 p.575 Lots 2558, 2144 $32,000
  • 1988: FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN ASSOC. To Kirk D. Franks Lot 2144 $38,000
  • 1991: Kirk D. Franks To Brian K. Gliem, Tracy L. Gliem Lot 2144 $50,000
  • 1997: Brian K. Gliem, Tracy L. Gliem To Tracy L. Gliem Lot 2144 Quit-Claim $0
  • 2001: Tracy L. Gliem To Robert Kruse, Tracy L. Lot 2144 Quit-Claim $0
  • 2013: Robert Kruse, Tracy L. To Sean Teter, Nicole S. Teter Sheriff Deed $55,000

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