359 E. Bowman St., Wooster, Ohio

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The former city councilman of Ward 1, William H. Banker, once lived in a house on the SW corner of College Ave. and E. Bowman streets in Wooster, Ohio where 359 E. Bowman St. is today. William H. Banker operated the Excelsior Carriage & Wagon Works in a partnership with William Hanna from 1876-1888. In 1889 he resigned from his councilman position and he and his family moved to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

The house located at 359 E. Bowman St. Photograph by S. Zimmerman
Circa 1880s image of the house located on the SW corner of College Ave. and E. Bowman St..

Newspaper Articles

Property Transfers

  • 1883: William H. Banker TO Henrietta L. Banker Vol. 109 p.310 Lot #1355
  • 1883: Henrietta L. Banker TO William H. Banker Vol. 109 p.411 Lot #1355, $3,500
  • 188?: William H. Banker TO Jacob Geiselman

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