318 N. Bever St., Wooster, Ohio

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The small gambrel roofed house at 318 N. Bever St. in Wooster, Ohio. Photograph by S. Zimmerman

The small cottage type house with gambrel roof located at 318 N. Bever St., Wooster, Ohio.


  • July 07, 1931: "Sheriff's Sale in Partition" by unknown, The Daily Record, p. 15.

Wayne County Recorder Property Transfers

  • 1814: John Bever To John Sloane Vol. 1 p.131 R13, T15, S4 PSE (later numbered Lots 11 & 13) $800
  • 1856: R.B. Stibbs (Executor for John Sloane Estate) To Henry C. Long Vol. 46 p.536 public auction of Old Lot 13, Long bought section 5* for $117 and section 6* for $210.

* Note: The deed explains that Old Lot No. 13 (Sloane's Lot) was surveyed and platted by County Surveyor, John Brinkerhoff, on September 11, 1856 into seven parcels.

  • 1860: Henry C. Long, Armenia A. Long To Thomas B. Rayl Vol. 53 p.395 part of Old Lot 13 $525
  • 1863: Thomas B. Rayl To Michael B. Badger Vol. 56 p.493 part of Old Lot 13 $1,500
  • 1865: Michael Badger, Kesina Badger To Cyrus B. Miller Vol. 63 p.274 part of Old Lot 13 $2,525
  • 1867: Cyrus B. Miller, Susan P. Miller To Jacob Miller Vol.68 p.614 part of Old Lot 13 $1,000 plus agrees to pay two mortgages for M. Badger $900 and Elizabeth Armetage for $1,119
  • 1868: Jacob Miller, Magdalen Miller To Charles O. Marsh, Jacob C. Kurtz Vol.69 p.366 part of Old Lot 13 $2,640.25
    • Charles O. Marsh, Rosa Marsh, Jacob C. Kauke, Emma A. Kauke To Jonathan H. Lee, Francis C. Lee Vol. 69 p.574 part of Old Lot 13 $3,300
  • 1870: Jonathan H. Lee, Francis C. Lee To John H. Kauke Vol. 87 p.10 (after 1870 renumbering) part of Lot 1615 $2,000
  • 1876: John H. Kauke To Frank Lee, Emma Lee Vol. 95 p.626 part of Lot 1615 $2,000
  • 1877: Frank Lee, Emma Lee To Hiram B. Swartz, Martha D. Swartz Vol. 97 p.148 part of Lot 1615 $500*

* Note: The deed states that Swartz also assumed all mortgages on the property: $129 dated 8/26/1876 due one year from date to John McBride at 8% interest, $737.67 dated 8/25/1876 to John H. Kauke due one year to date at 8% interest, and another $100 dated 10/6/1876 to John McBride at 8% interest.

* The lot was originally conveyed to Clapper Printing & Bag Company which was not an incorporated company but was in fact Hulda S. Clapper, doing business under the name of Clapper Printing & Bag Company.

  • 1912: Hulda S. Clapper To George A. Clapper, husband Vol. 165 p.48 part of Lot 1615 $1
  • 1917: George A. Clapper, Hulda S. Clapper To Vera M. Clapper, daughter Vol. 178 p.523 part of Lot 1615
  • 1923: Vera M.Clapper To Daniel C. Funk Vol. 195 p.476 part of Lot 1615 $6,364 according to $7 revenue stamp
    • Daniel C. Funk To Thomas C. McCoy Vol. 196 p.211 part of Lot 1615 $6,818 according to $7.50 revenue stamp
  • 1931: Thomas C. McCoy, etal* To Maud Keeney Vol. 218 p.462 part of Lot 1615 $4,400

* Conveyed by Wayne County Sheriff (Case No. 30049) demanding partition of real estate

* Note: BBC Enterprises a partnership between Lynn A. Beaumont, Frank E. Bush, Thomas N. Clark

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