1890 Memorial Day Pamphlet and List of Dead Soldiers

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This document is a series of flyers and pamphlets commemorating the decoration of solders' graves on May 30th of 1890. The documents contain information regarding the planned activities of the day, the proper order in which the procession will go to the cemeteries, and a catalog of the names of all soldiers entombed in the cemeteries. This comprises pages 114-118 of the Frank Gerlach file.

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Transcription Notes

  • Typographical errors, such as capitalization and spacing errors, have been corrected where appropriate.
  • Given the age and condition of the document, certain names and segments have been rendered illegible.
  • Suggestions have been given in brackets where appropriate.
  • Empty brackets indicate that a segment is missing, however, no suggestion has been made; the notation [illegible] may also be used.
  • The notation [sic] has been inserted where possible mistakes have been made.
  • As with all names and old documents, misspellings and phonetic spellings are common. Please be advised that certain sounds and letters, such as "B" and "P", "M" and "N", "T" and "L", and "I" and "J" are frequently confused and adjust your search accordingly.
  • Likewise, common first names are often abbreviated on this list. Names like George and Joseph are shortened to "Geo." and "Jos."
  • Some elements of the original documents contain language and racial epithets considered derogatory by modern standards. These elements have not been redacted from the original images above, but they have been removed from the transcription as they are no longer appropriate and so as to best comply with the expectations laid out in the Wayne County Public Library's mission statement and article 7 of the patron behavior policy.


Page 1

Soldiers’ Graves
FRIDAY, MAY 30th, 1890,

Under Auspices of the Grand Army of the Republic, Women’sRelief Corps, Sons of Veterans, Ladies Aid Society, Daughters of Veterans and All Soldiers. _____________________________________________

Afternoon Exercises at City Hall

President of Day— Dr. J. Robison.
Orator— Hon. I. L. Chase, Lieutenant Governor of Indiana.
Chief Marshall— Lieut. J. W. Wilkinson, U. S. A. Professor of Military Science, University of Wooster.
Aides to Chief Marshall— J. B. Taylor, R. J. Smith, B. F. Miller, of Given Post, G. A. R.; Guy E. Teeple, of Sons of Veterans; C. S. Speer, of Co. D, 8th Regt., O. N. G.; Perry Mequillett, of University Battalion.
The speaking exercises will take place in the afternoon at the City Hall at one o’clock, as follows:
Calling to order by Andrew Branstetter, Post Commander,
Song, by 400 pupils of Wooster schools, under direction of Miss Martha A. Webster.
Prayer— Rev. Dr. O. A. Hills.
Introductory Remarks— President of Day, Dr. J. D. Robison.
Recitation— Will Carleton’s new poem, “Private Brown’s Reflections,” by Mrs. Col. J. H. Carr, of Louisville, Ky.
Song— Pupils of Public Schools.
Oration— Hon I. J. Chase, of Indianapolis
Song— Pupils of Puplic [sic] Schools.

Page 2

Rendezvous of Marching Organizations.

The marching column will form at 2:30 o’clock p.m. The various organizations will rendezvous as follows, and march at 3 o’clock:
Given Post G. A. R. on East Larwill, right resting on North Market at Lutheran church; Junior Order of American Mechanics, on East Larwill street, right resting at Methodist church; Woman’s Relief Corps on East North street at Episcopal church; Hancock Camp Sons of Veterans on East Larwill street, right resting on North Market street at Methodist church; Ladies Aid Society on West North Street, right resting on North Market; Daughters of Veterans Drill Corps on North Market street, right resting on Larwill at Methodist church; Co. D, 8th Regt., O. N. G. on East North street, right resting on North Market at Episcopal church; University Battalion on N. Market street, right resting at Jacob Frick’s residence.
Carriages for Officers of the Day, Relief Corps, Ladies Aid Society, Flower Wagons, etc., will form on North Market street, right in front, resting on North street.
Mayor, City Officers and Councils in Carriages will form on North Market in front of Court House.
All Civic Societies are cordially invited to participate in the parade, and are requested to rendervous [sic] on West North street, right resting on Market.
It is requested that each organization assemble at their headquarters at such an hour as to enable them to form and reach their proper place of rendevous [sic] promptly at 2 o’clock.
The Citizens Band, and the Marshal in Chief, and Staff will report on the Public Square at 2:30 o’clock p.m.
The Guides to Graves will report at the Armory at 2:30 p.m. and receive the flags and instructions.

[illegible] Cemetery.

The column [illegible] march to the Cemetery [illegible] in the following order:
1. Chief Marshal and staff.
2. Wooster Citizens Band.
3. Company D, 8th Regiment O. N. G., Lieut. Robert Cameron commanding.
4. Junior Order of United American Mechanics, Albert Scoby, Councillor.
5. Daughters of Veterans Drill Corps, Lieut. Forbes Alcock commanding.
6. Given Post Drum Corp.
7. Given Post G. A. R., Andrew Branstetter, Post Commander.
8. Other old Soldiers.
9. Hancock Camp Sons of Veterans, Capt. R. T. Bechtel commanding.
10. University Battalion, Lieut. Col. Riddle commanding.
11. University Artillery.
12. Wagon with flowers.
13. Woman’s Relief Corps, in carriages, Mrs. Harry Baumgardner President.
14. Ladies Aid Society in carriages.
15. President and other Officers of the Day in carriages.
16. Mayor, City Officers and members of Council in carriages.
17. Civic Societies.
18. Citizens in carriages.

Page 3

Services at Cemetery by G. A. R.

Upon arriving at the Cemetery, the City Guards and University Battalion will form square around the Cenotaph in center of the grounds, the public massing outside the square of the military, when the G. A. R. Relief Corps, Sons of Veterans, Daughters of Veterans and Ladies Aid Society will pass inside the square. Given Post will then hold Memorial Services at the Cenotaph according to the impressive ritual of the G. A. R.


When these services are concluded details to number of about 200 persons will be made from the G. A. R. and auxiliary organizations, who will be furnished with flags, flowers and wreathes of evergreen, after which by divisions, under direction of Guides, they will move off over the Cemetery grounds, and once or more will be stationed with decorations at each grave. When all are thus in position, a signal gun (cannon) will be fired and the Band commence playing a dirge, at which the Soldiers’ graves will be simultaneously decorated with flag, flowers and evergreen.


At the close of the dirge three volleys will be fired by the City Guards and by the University Battalion.


Will then be sounded by the bugle. The procession will then re-form and return to the city.


On General Arrangements— Andrew Branstetter, Chairman; I. N. Kieffer, Secretary; Enos Pierson, Geo. W. Reid, Samuel Metzler, C. H. Hesler, Harry McClarran and Lemuel Jeffries.
On Flowers for Graves— The Woman’s Relief Corps.
To Procure Flags for Graves— H. McClarran.
To Print Flags— John F. Barrett and Andrew Trunk.
On Martial Music— W. H. Robison, John D’Miller, Geo. B. Miller and W. H. Farnham.
On Artillery— A. H. Martin and Andrew Branstetter.
To Procure Evergreen— John C. Hall and Andrew Branstetter.
On Hall or Speakers’ stand— R. J. Smith, Russell Kenion, Perry Strow and H. B. Eaby.
On Transportation— C. W. McClure, D. Y. Landis and G. P. Emrich.
To Assist the Ladies— G. P. Emrich, W. H. Robison, J. P. Van Nest, Samuel Metzler and J. D. McAfee.
On Vocal Music— George W. Reid, Enos Pierson and I. N. Kieffer.

Page 4

THE DEAD. ______________________________________________________________________Samuel Joice, Co E., 169th O.N.G.

OAK HILL CEMETERY. ___________________________________________________________John M. Snyder. Co. E, 16th O.V.I.

DIVISION NUMBER ONE_________________________________________________________George W. Hemmelrich, 15th O.V.I.

[illegible] Dice, Co. H, 16th O.V.I._______________________________________________Julius Schuckers, Co. B, 57th Illinois

Daniel Brinkerhoff, Co. E, 4th O.V.I._____________________________________________Jacob Maize, Co. D, 86th O.V.I.

Matthew Johnson, War of 1812. ________________________________________________Joseph S. Day, 120th O.V.I.

William W. Snyder.______________________________________________________________Capt. S. T. Moore, U.S. Army

[Gotfried Baidon], War of 1812._________________________________________________Charles Cutter, 169th O.N.G.

Samuel Metzler, War of 1812.___________________________________________________Jacob B. Espy, War of 1812.

J. N. Kieffer, 109th O.V.I.________________________________________________________Thomas D’Miller, Co. I, 102d O.V.I.

Joseph Emrich, War of 1812.____________________________________________________Morrison McClarran, Co. E, 169th O.N.G.

James Donnelly, War of 1812.___________________________________________________O. A. Wilhelm, Co. D, 120th O.V.I.

J. H. Reid, Co. I, 10[2]d O.V.I.___________________________________________________George Swartz, 16th O.V.I.

Col. John Sloane, War of 1812._________________________________________________Reynolds Espy

Dr. S. S. Eberhardt, 16th O.V.I.__________________________________________________David Cooper, War of 1812.

Frederick Rice, Revolution._____________________________________________________ Volney Rogers, Co. E, 169th O.N.G.

William Atkins, Co. E, 4th O. Cav.______________________________________________ Samuel Rogers, War of 1812.

James L. Gray, Co. E, 169th O.N.G._____________________________________________Capt. Wm. H. McMonigal, Co. D, 102d O.V.I.

Jacob G. Hartman, Co E 169th O.N.G.________________________________________________Total, 29.

Total, 16.________________________________________________________________________Guide— John E. Barett
Guide, Andrew Trunk.

DIVISION NUMBER TWO_________________________________________________________DIVISION NUMBER FOUR

Capt. James McMillen, Co. E, 4th O.V.I._________________________________________Amos E[bel]man. Quartermaster’s Dept.

James McBride, Co. H, 16th O.V.I._______________________________________________Adam Siegenthaler, Co. H, 102d O.V.I.

Joseph Stibbs, Jr., 1[_]th Iowa. _________________________________________________Robert Stitt, Co. A, 120th O.V.I.

[illegible] Beall, War of 1812.____________________________________________________Alex. Stitt, Co. C, 16th O.V.I.

John L. Johnston, Co. A, 84th O.V.I.____________________________________________Jonathan Woodworth, War of 1812.

Lieut. Reuben Bechtel, Co. A, 120th O.V.I.______________________________________Joseph H. Larwill, War of 1812.

Otis B. France, Co. H, 102d O.V.I.______________________________________________Wendell Straub, 4th Ohio Band.

Marion E. France, Co. E, 4th O.V.I._____________________________________________David Robison, War of 1812.

Lieut. John D. Mackey, Co. A, 120th O.V.I._____________________________________Johnathan W. Gay, 11th H. S. Inf.

W. H. Keys, 168th O.V.I.________________________________________________________Omar T. Pardeo, 33d Wisconsin

John R. Curry, 120th O.V.I._____________________________________________________Jesse Weddel, Co. D, 120th O.V.I.

Daniel Pierson, War of 1812.___________________________________________________Lewis Roberts, 8th Mass.

James Hicks, {Minority} Troops.______________________________________________Edson C. Beistle, 169th O.N.G.

Sergt. Wm. H. (Tip) McClure, Co. E, 4th O.V.I.________________________________Ronald McDonald, Co. E, 4th O.V.I.

Total, 14.__________________________________________________________________Capt. J. H. Downing, Co. A, 120th O.V.I.
Guide— J. P. Van Nest.__________________________________________________Thomas Mairs, Co. I, 16th O.V.I.

DIVISION NUMBER THREE____________________________________________________Joseph J. Lake, Co. E, 4th O.V.I.

Thomas True, Co. A. 102d O.V.I.______________________________________________Lieut. Martin Miller, 1st Regt. Pa., Excelsior

Henry Stevic, Co. G, 16th O.V.I._______________________________________________Brigade.

Samuel F. Gordon, Co. G, 16th O.V.I.__________________________________________Patrick Adair, War of 1812.

Sylvanus Clark, 5th Ohio Battery._____________________________________________Charles Gasche, Co. B, 186th O.V.I.

Joseph Hawkins, War of 1812._______________________________________________James Robison, War of 1812.

Aaron Diehl, Co. E, 120th O.V.I._______________________________________________Melchor Rahm, War of 1812.

John B. Long, Co. —, 18th O.V.I.

Chaplain Geo. B. Phillips.

Wm. Maple, Co. F, 102d O.V.I.

[illegible] Loop, 102d [O.V.I.]

Lewis Meahl, 107th O.V.I.

Page 5

William F. Hill, McLaugh[___] [illegible]________________________________________John Miller, [illegible]


H [illegible]____________________________________________________________________[illegible]

John Wilhelm, Jr., 20th O.V. [I.]_______________________________________________[illegible]

Col. Wm. Given, 102d. O.V.I.___________________________________________________Squadron.

Col. James S. Lake, N. Y. Vols_________________________________________________Henry Nailor, 2d N.Y. Vols.

William C. White, Co. D. 80th O.V.I.___________________________________________Edward Woodland, Co. I, 16th O.V.I.

Lieut. R. D. Spink, Co. E, 4th O.V.I.____________________________________________Michael Leonard, Drummer Boy.

L. Q. Sprague, 169th O.N.G., Co. E, 186th O._________________________________Joshua McClarran, Co. E, 4th O.V.I.

V. I.____________________________________________________________________________Lieut. S. B. Asdell, Co. C, 41st O.V.I.

Daniel Burtnet, Co. I, 16th O.V.I._______________________________________________J. Markwalter, Co. C, 41st O.V.I.

Benj. Yost, Co. C, 107th O.V.I._________________________________________________Cyrus Walters, Co. A, 120th O.V.I.

Benj. F. Gant, Co. D, 120th O.V.I.______________________________________________Robert Boyd, Co. C, 16th O.V.I.

Thomas Hardy, Co. H, 102d O.V.I._____________________________________________Joseph O. Young, 4th O.V.I. Band.

Michael Kapp, War of 1812.____________________________________________________Thomas Onstott, 16th O.V.I.

Total, 35.__________________________________________________________________Joseph Stibbs, Sr., Co. C, 16th O.V.I.
Guides—John F. Reamer and John E. Applebaugh. _______________________Lewis Straub, 4th O.V.I. Band.
__________________________________________________________________Joseph Dravenstott, Co. H, 102d O.V.I.
___________________________________________________________________S. B. Wireman, Co. I, 76th O.V.I.

DIVISION NUMBER FIVE________________________________________________________William D’Miller, Co. H, 16th O.V.I.

Albert G. Sommers, 169th O.N.G._______________________________________________Capt. Paris L. Reed, 80th Ky., Mounted Inf.

Gideon B. Sommers, Co. H, 16th O.V.I.__________________________________________Z. T. Hilligas, 9th O. Cav.

James W. Griffin, Co. H, 16th O.V.I.______________________________________________Thomas O’Brien, 9th O. Cav.

Wm. G. Griffin, 169th O.N.G.____________________________________________________John Hough, Co. C, 16th O.V.I.

Henry Shaffer, Co. I, 16th O.V.I._________________________________________________William Garing, Co. H, 16th O.V.I.

L. W. Braden, 16th O.V.I._________________________________________________________John Dice, Co. D, 9th Ohio Cav.

Oscar H. Clark, 184th O.V.I._____________________________________________________James Guthrie, Co. A, 120th O.V.I.

James Ricker, Co. H, 16th O.V.I._________________________________________________Peter Van Nostran, War of 1812.

George O. Minser, Co. H, 16th O.V.I._____________________________________________Ezra Hoag, Co. E, 4th O.V.I.

Frederick He[r]shy, 169th O.N.G.________________________________________________John C. Manson, Co. I, 64th O.V.I.

W. F. Mutersbaugh, Co. D, 120th O.V.I.___________________________________________Capt. Kauffman Funk, Co. G, 30th Ind. V.I.

Philip Pfeffer, Co. H, 102d O.V.I.__________________________________________________L.P. Case, Co. F, 129th Ind. Vols

James B. Mark, Co. A, 120th O.V.I.______________________________________________ Sergt. David M. Reid, Co. G, 51st O.V.I.

Lieut. Hiram E. Totten, Co. E, 120th O.V.I.________________________________________John H. Fraim, Co. F, 16th O.V.I.

John Myers, War of 1812.____________________________________________________________Total, 34.

Walter Myers, Co. A, 169th O.N.G.___________________________________________________Guides—Andrew Branstetter and Russell Kenion

Edson Pollock, N.Y. Volunteers

Thomas Bracken, War of 1812.

Julian T. Rice, 9th O. Cavalry._____________________________________________________CATHOLIC CEMETERY

William Grow, Co. [I], 41st O.V.I.___________________________________________________DIVISION NUMBER SEVEN

John Camp, Co. G, 3d U.S. Cav. __________________________________________________John Penderville, Co. K, 64th O.V.I.

George Hesler, Co. H, 169th O.N.G._______________________________________________Hugh McAnany, Co. H, 102d O.V.I.

John Faud, Co G, 71st O.V.I._______________________________________________________George Doyle, U.S. Navy.

Lieut. Jacob Schultz, Co. E, 4th O.V.I._____________________________________________George Blile, Co. F, 176th O.V.I.

Total, 24._________________________________________________________________________Total, 4.
Guide—C.H. Hesler.______________________________________________________________Guide—Thomas McLowery.

DIVISION NUMBER SIX._______________________________________________________________Grand Total, 156.