1473 Beall Ave., Wooster, Ohio

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Overholt House
Overholt House at the College of Wooster.jpg
General information
Architectural style Stick-style Victorian
Address 1473 Beall Avenue
Town or city Wooster, Ohio
Country USA
Completed 1874
Relocated 1982
Demolished 2017

Also Known As Building Name

  • Overholt House

Comprehensive History

The historic Overholt House was built in 1874 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places in the United States of America: its reference number is 83004345.

After a medical discharge from the army in 1864, Colonel Aquila Wiley returned to Wooster and built a successful law practice. In 1874, he bought the parcel at what is now the corner of Cleveland Road and Kurtz Street from Jane and David Pollock for $900, and he constructed this stick-style Victorian home on the site. In 1878, Wiley received the Democratic nomination for Congress but was defeated by William McKinley. Colonel Wiley sold the house in 1882 to Christian and Elizabeth Overholt for $8,000. The house passed by deed through the family: to Karl F. Overholt around the turn of the century, to Maria Overholt in 1938, and to John D. Overholt in 1944. John D. Overholt died in May 1973, and though part of the property had been sold to the Wooster Clinic previously, in 1974 the remainder of the property was deeded to Edith Gerig, who immediately deeded the property to Jurowa, Inc., stockholders of the Wooster Clinic.[1]

In May 1982 it was moved from its original location on the NW corner of Cleveland Ave. and Kurtz to its present location on Beall Ave. It initially housed multiple businesses: Pierson Realty, Dan Wakefield State Farm Insurance, Scott Nelson of Top Quality Grounds Care, and Pierson Interiors. [2] For a brief period it operated as a Bed and Breakfast.

In 2001 it was sold to The College of Wooster, who used the house for multiple purposes. For the first year, it served as a housing option accommodating six students, but the next year it began serving as office space for the International Programs Office, the Ambassador Program, and emeritus faculty. In 2005, the Office of Interfaith Campus Ministries and the Wooster Volunteer Network replaced these offices.[3]

In 2016 it was deemed no longer appropriate for office use because the house did not meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act: rooms were too small for offices, and the structure did not have an elevator. The College applied to the City of Wooster for a Certificate of Appropriateness approval for the demolition (removal) and storage of the house at D&S Warehouse if a new property location could not be found to reconstruct the house on March 14, 2017, and it was approved 5-0.

The historic Overholt House was dismantled on August 14, 2017. Some interior architectural pieces were saved and put into storage at D&S Warehouse.


  • 1874: Land purchased by Col. Aquila Wiley; house built
  • 1882: Property sold to Christian and Elizabeth Overholt
  • 1938: Property deeded to Maria Overholt
  • 1944: Property deeded to John D. Overholt
  • 1973: John D. Overholt dies
  • 1974: Property deeded to Edith Gerig; sold to Jurowa, Inc.
  • 1981: House threatened with demolition, Architectural Preservation Society of Wayne County formed to protect house; Gerald Pierson establishes contract to relocate the house
  • 1982: House moved to 1473 Beall Avenue
  • 2001: House purchased by The College of Wooster
  • 2017: House demolished


  • Col. Aquila Wiley
  • Christian and Elizabeth Overholt
  • Karl F. Overholt
  • Maria Overholt
  • John D. Overholt
  • Edith Gerig
  • Jurowa, Inc.
  • Gerald Pierson
  • The College of Wooster

Historical documents

Newspaper articles


MINUTES City of Wooster Design and Review Board, March 14, 2017

DR-17-11. Stan Starr of the College of Wooster requesting Certificate of Appropriateness approval for the demolition (removal) and storage of a structure at 1473 Beall Avenue, an Other Landmark Property. Jackie Middleton, The College of Wooster, stated that in 2001, the College purchased the corner lot of Beall Avenue and Bloomington Avenue, where the Overholt House was located. Mrs. Middleton continued that the lot was the northern most border of the campus. Mrs. Middleton stated that the Overholt House was used as an office for a number of years, though the house was not currently appropriate for any use at the college due to its the location and size. She continued that the building had rooms which were too small to have offices, was not ADA accessible and did not have an elevator. Mrs. Middleton stated that repairs needed for the building would be very costly. Mrs. Middleton explained that in order to save the building, it could be deconstructed and reassembled. Stan Starr, The College of Wooster, stated that the College was attempting to have the building reconstructed on another site and would provide a stipend for the removal of the house. Mr. Starr explained that the College wanted to retain all of the positive architectural features of the home, with the exception of the deteriorated exterior siding. Mr. Starr continued that the College initially looked into moving the structure, but experts indicated that the house would not survive another move. Mr. Starr explained that the historical society had torn down homes and reconstructed them in other instances. Mr. Starr explained that the house would be stored at the D&S Warehouse if a location could not be found to reconstruct the building. Dick Deffenbaugh moved to approve the application as presented. Dick Kinder seconded the motion. The motion carried 5-0.
The Board discussed the Overholt House application. Mr. Campbell stated that his understanding was that the components of the house would be saved, not the framing. Mr. Campbell explained that the collected items would be the architectural elements like the interior stairway, trim, fixtures, and flooring. Sandra Hull moved to adjourn the meeting. Dick Kinder seconded the motion. The motion carried 5-0. The meeting adjourned at 5:50 p.m.


Wayne County Recorder Property Transfers


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