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Historical Information

Plain Township was established in 1817 and was named because of the plains, or glades, that made up a large part of it.[1] Plain Township was formed from the originally surveyed township 19 in range 14, and contains the northern section of historical Springfield Township.[2]

Historical Documents

Plain Township Historical Landmarks

The following lists the recognized historical landmarks by the Wayne County Historical Society of Ohio through its Wayne County Historical Landmark program.

  1. Kister Mill-National Historic Landmark (1974)-County Historical Landmark (1976)-built by John Nimmon in 1816 in Millbrook about 1 mile east of St.Rt. 3 south of Wooster on Co.Rd. 34 where it intersect with St.Rt. 83. Water power was used to grind grain into flour, press apples for cider and weave cloth from wool.
  2. Theodore&Carrie Luc House-County Historical Landmark (1999)-2-story brick home with sided gables located at 3761 Kister Rd. was built in 1829. Carefully restored. Originally used as stage coach stop in 1840s-50s.
  3. Brett & Marcia Urian Blue Barn-County Historical Landmark (2005)-located at 4407 S. Columbus Rd. a 2-story bank-style barn built around 1868. The roof of the barn consists of stamped “tin” plates.
  4. Starn Hotel-County Historical Landmark (1976)-located along Old 30 in Reedsburg was built by William Reed in 1835 and known for providing excellent meals.
  5. Kollar’s Tavern-County Historical Landmark (1976)-Prominent stagecoach stop and inn built in 1840 and located on S. side of old 30 just E. of Wayne-Ashland county line. Two rooms of 8 beds each and two rooms of 4 beds each.
  6. Mr&Mrs Chris Foy House/Blue Willow Farm-County Historical Landmark (2003)-large 2-story home located at 3895 Columbus Rd. built in the 1850s features several chimneys, front porch with scallop trim, and arched windows and Italianate brackets supporting the roof overhang. Interior has original woodwork and stair railing.
  7. Plain Lutheran Church-County Historical Landmark (1976)-located in Plain Twp. built in 1853 as the German Reformed Church. One of the earliest churches built in the county.
  8. Rouch-Ungerer House-Pioneer House (1976)-located along Old 30 five miles west of Wooster in Plain Twp. William Rouch who took title under a land grant in 1818 built the house before he died in 1861. The walls are constructed of, and insulated with, brick made on the farm. Rouch’s unmarried daughter, Lydia, lived in the house until 1896.
  9. Dan&Betty Garrison House (Old Cook Farm)-Pioneer House (1978/1984)-the 2-story wood frame house located at 4677 Millbrook Rd. was built in 1826-7. Features 1&1/2in lap siding, rough sawed back side. Patent deed to land from US President Madison to Alex Culbertson, 1907.
  10. Fike-Ungerer House-Pioneer House (1976)-located along Old 30 about 8-miles west of Wooster in Plain Twp. The early succession of titles: to Robert and Catherine Maxwell 1819; to Jacob Steair 1828; to John Fike 1833.
  11. Sullivan House-Pioneer House (1986)-built between 1828 and 1835. Located at 3761 Kister Rd. Unique 3-story construction on steep slope away from road. Winding staircases. Solid brick construction. Part of original Millbrook Settlement.
  12. Caroline&Dan Shadburn House-Pioneer House (2000)-built in 1830s. Located at 8588 W. Old Lincoln Way. Large stone walls and hand-hewn timbers in basement. Original slate roof.
  13. Brett & Marcia Urian House-Pioneer House (2004)-house located at 4407 S. Columbus Rd. was built in 1873 and features front, side, and back porches. Has metal roof, brick chimney, and stone cellar. Wood beams exposed in front rooms and cellar.
  14. William Sidle House-Pioneer House (1976)-house located along Co.Rd. 149 1/2 mile south of Blachleyville. The house features 3-brick-thick walls with no insulation and nterior brick walls. It was built on 208-acre farm in 1838 by James F. Brittain for William Sidle. Stone marker saying "1838 WM Sidle". During the California gold rush William Sidle led the famous Sidle Party to California in 1849.
  15. Schafrath House-Pioneer House (1976)-located on Rd. 139 near Rd. 157 was built in 1845 by a member of the Joliff family. The walls are brick with 2ft thickness and the timbers are pinned together by wood pegs.
  16. Wolbaugh House-Pioneer House (1976)-located on the north side of Rt. 18 east of Rd. Examination of old tax records indicate that Jacob and Elizabeth Myers built the house before 1845. First owners of the land were Aaron and Unice Baird. The house features a metal cast-iron knocker from Connell’s patent and all doors have metal knobs. Also known as the Jeff&Terry Radabaugh House which received a plaque in 1998.
  17. Mairs House-Pioneer House (1976)-a log house with seven rooms located along Co.Rd. 234 is believed to have built before 1850 and John Filger was listed as the first owner.
  18. Fike-Chamberlain House-Pioneer House (1976)-a salt-box style house built before 1856.
  19. Mellinger House-Pioneer House (1976)-located on the north side of Old 30 around 3 miles west of Jefferson was built before 1856 and appears on the map of that year as being owned by J. Mellinger. It is built of brick with a heavy stone foundation. The farm has been in the Mellinger family since 1816.
  20. Carl Sidle House-Pioneer House (1976)-located on Co.Rd. 34 west of Millbrook. Records show the house was built in 1870 and William Baker was the first owner. The home features four large pillars holding up the front porch giving it Greek-revival type look.
  21. Fred Donley House-Pioneer House (1976)-located along St.Rt. 3. The original two-story part of the house was built of logs with steeple-notched corners. Later additions were of frame construction and the exterior is covered in cove siding. Tax records indicate it was built by John G. Welty in 1870.
  22. Dr. Doug Webb House-Pioneer House (2002)-located at 5077 W. Old Lincolnway (Old 30) about 2 miles west of Jefferson. The 2-story brick home with 12-rooms was built prior to 1873 as it appears on the map of the year. It has a hop roof with wooden shakes. The Webbs spent considerable time restoring the interior of the home to its original finishes. During restoration they noted some rooms and doorways were probably changed over the passage of time.
  23. Gale&Deb Wilcox House-Pioneer House (1983)-built about 1872. Located at 4166 Blachleyville Rd. Victorian gingerbread decoration, bay windows, balcony, steep roof. 4 rooms up and 6 down. Oak ornamental woodwork.
  24. Kean House-Pioneer House (1976)-located on Rd. 249 near Rd. 34 west from Springville. The large frame house was built in 1873 by contractor David Myers for Dewitt C. Kean.
  25. Old Wallace House-Pioneer House (1977)-house located at 35 Wile Rd. built before 1873 features brick chimneys that are still in use. Barn has original massive beams and "1843" in woodblock numbers. Also a summer house and spring house on property.
  26. Rickabaugh House #2-Pioneer House (1984)-white shingled farmhouse located at 4870 S Firestone Rd. features 2 front doors off the front porch and stone foundation. Built in 1891.
  27. Oswald House-Pioneer House (1984)-house located at 5626 Millbrook Rd. features hewn log floor joists, walnut framing lumber, and square nails was built in 1880.
  28. Barton Farm-Pioneer House (1994)-a 2-story frame home located at 5823 Columbus Rd. built prior to 1889.
  29. Eberhart House-Pioneer House (1985)-a 2-story frame home located at 2102 Springville Rd. built before 1885.
  30. Canankamp Place-Pioneer House (1981)-built in 1881 the Victorian-style home located at 4573 McKee Rd. features ornate woodwork and hand-carved and hand-painted grain doors, pantry, and wainscoting.
  31. Bergoon House-Pioneer House (1976)-located on the west side of St.Rt. 3 south of Craigton. The Bergoon Bank Barn [Destroyed 2012], also a landmark, was located in back of the house. Both the house and barn were constructed of brick and were built in 1835 by Jacob Shelly for his daughter Betty (Shelly) Yocum. The property is also known as the Willour Farm.
  32. Anfang House-Pioneer House (1976)-located on Twp.Rd. 35. The house was built by Andrew Romich in the early 1830s and is a Georgian-style house made of soft pink brick on a stone foundation with a slate roof.
  33. John Donley House-Pioneer House (1976)-located on the north side of St.Rt. 3 west of Co.Rd. 157. It is believed that Abraham Soliday built the house in the 1860s as it is marked on the 1873 map. The walls are constructed of two layers of heavy 2″X12″ planks criss-crossed at a 45-degree angle. The interior walls are covered with wooden lath and plaster.
  34. Ditch House-Pioneer House (1984)-house located at 531 S Elyria Rd. was built in 1881 by Daniel Ditch; his name found on back of window panel.
  35. William Rouch House-Century House (1976)-house located along Rd. 107. William Rouch settled the farm when he brought his family to Wayne Co., OH, from Lancaster Co., PA, in 1815. This house is believed to have been built in the early 1870s. It features hand-carved woodwork around the windows and large plaster moldings in the living room and parlor. At least 5 generations of Rouch descendents have lived on the farm.
  36. Thomas Mykrantz House-Century House (1976)-located at 4271 West Lincoln Way (Old 30) was built in 1819 according to an inscription on a cornerstone. The house has been in the family since 1827.
  37. Harry Mykrantz House-Century House (1976)-located at 3674 West Lincoln Way. The exact building date is unknown but the original part of the house measuring 30ftX24ft is built of logs. The log structure was added onto and at some point it was operated as an Inn until it was bought by Christian Silver in 1827 and has been in the same family since that time.
  38. Welty House-Century House (1976)-located on Rd 157 south of St.Rt. 95 was built by David Welty in 1827 and has been in the same family ever since. It has six rooms and was remodeled in 1961.
  39. Silver House-Century House (1976)-located along Silver Rd. west of Wooster was built in 1832 by Christian Silver. The bricks used in building the house were made at a nearby field north of the Harry Mykrantz house on Old 30. The house was reportedly patterned after the family home in Martinsburg, VA. At least five generations of the family have owned the property since 1829.
  40. Bower House-Century House (1976)-located on Heyl Rd. west of Rt. 157. This 2-story frame house has been in the same family, at least 7 generations, since it was purchased in 1863 by David Martin.
  41. Filger House-Century House (1976)-located on Twp.Rd. 234 and 152 and facing the latter road. The 9-room frame house has two separate stairways: one leading to the section for family, and one goes to the section of the house intended to house hired-hands. A summer kitchen and wood shed are attached to the house. Henry Filger bought the farm and house in 1874 and his descendents have owned the property ever since.
  42. Rickabaugh House #1-Century House (1976)-located along Co.Rd. 249. The large frame double-ell house was built in 1874 for John Rickabaugh by contractor David Myers, who also built the Wa. County Courthouse. At least three generations of the Rickabaugh have lived in the house since it was built.

Place Names

The following places have been named in Plain Township.

Present Name Former Name(s) Plat Date
Blachleyville 16 Dec 1833
Funk Austin, Brownsville, Hamlet, Kauffman Corners 7 Dec 1894
Jefferson Plain P.O. 30 Jun 1829
Reedsburg laid out Dec 1835; platted 1869
Springville Buffalo, Heath's Corners 16 Dec 1844


The department has several plat maps available for viewing. Plat maps provide the names of land owners and their location.

1807 Federal Survey Map of Plain Township, Wayne County, Ohio

1856 Baker's Map of Wayne County, Ohio

1873 Caldwell's Atlas of Wayne County, Ohio

1897 Caldwell's Atlas of Wayne County, Ohio

Indices to Maps

Original Businesses and Owners



  • Baptist Church of Millbrook[3]

Church of Christ

  • Blachleyville Church of Christ[4]


  • Evangelical Church[5]


  • Lutheran Church[6]
  • Plain Church[7]
  • Christ's Lutheran Church



  • Reformed Church of Reedsburg[9]

Unknown Denomination

  • Maple Grove Church[10]
  • Disciple Church[11]





The early Wayne County school house was patterned very much after the log houses of that era. Heat was obtained from a fireplace located at one end of the house, light from the window frames cut out of the log; and a single door with latch and string served as an entrance and exit.

Early schools were constructed by subscription. Parents subscribed a stipulated amount for each of their school-age children. Subscriptions were usually for a quarter of the year, with the school beginning November 1st. Fifteen students would be a normal-size enrollment, with attendance being about two-thirds.

Instructors were highly regarded in the community, even to reverence, and were considered a master. Subjects taught were “the three R’s”: Reading, ‘Riting and ‘Rithmatic. If the teacher could teach the above he was hired with no further examination.

In 1858, the first general law on free public schools was passed. Plain Township was the first to act in Wayne County and built a new school house called Peoples College. There was much controversy over this "college" as they were then called.[14]

Active Schools

  • Plain Local Schools [15]
  • Canton City Schools [16]

Historical One Room Schools





Early Settlers[19]

Census Records


Wedding Officiants

The following ministers are recorded as having officiated weddings in Plain Township.

Minister Date Other townships Denomination
Anderson, A. E. 1870 . Baptist
Buell, A. J. 1840 . Baptist
Burke, John 1840 . Baptist
Burton, N. S. 1864 . Baptist
Crandall, Nelson . . Baptist
Dillman, George 1870 Wooster (city) Lutheran
Excell, J. J. 1850 . Reformed
Felger, Joseph 1876 . Evangelical
Foglesong, M. P. 1873 . Lutheran
Fry, Jacob 1850 . Lutheran
Guinther, C. C. 1840 . Lutheran
Helwig, Adam 1861 . Lutheran
Himes, Jesse 1850 . Reformed
Jones, Harrison 1856 . Disciples
Keiffer, S. P. 1850 . Lutheran
Kuhn, Andrew 1840 East Union Lutheran
Leiter, George 1840 Wooster Lutheran
Martens, D. 1860 Wooster Lutheran
Miller, S. W. 1868 Wooster (city) Presbyterian
Penny, T. J. 1850 Wooster Baptist
Porter, James K. 1840 . Baptist
Samis, James 1878 . Baptist
Schlosser, Jesse 1840 . Reformed
Shaffer, George W. 1840 . Lutheran
Smith, A. M. 1850 . Lutheran
Smith, D. W. 1873 . Lutheran
Spafford, Christian 1850 . Methodist
Sparr, W. M. 1863 . Lutheran
Starr, John S. 1840 . Methodist
Stump, Adam 1870 . Reformed
Taylor, G. W. 1850 . Baptist

Photos of Residences


  • Maplewood Cemetery [20]
  • Smith Burying Grounds [21]
  • Smith Cemetery [22]

Newspaper Articles

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